A Good Laugh

Laughter is the best medicine. It’s true. When we laugh, produce endorphins, we raise our vibration, and increase our energy levels. We release stress and tension. Laughing with others is bringing joy into the world. What are your funniest moments?
a good laugh

Listen to the Different Inner Voices

Our egos tend to be the mind chatter going on inside of our heads. The ego is continually comparing us to others and keeping us outside of the current moment.  Learn to listen to the different inner voices to start to diminish the power of the ego and allow love to lead.

inner voices

Give Love Freely

Inside of each of us is a well of unlimited love. It’s important to find that and tap into it often. Give love freely and your life will become joy filled and miraculous!well


Live in the Moment

It’s the small moments where we may be doing the simplest of things that will create the best memories. Live in the moment, notice the beauty and miracles happening around you daily, and you’ll find your life filled with joy.

live in the moment

Love is Unlimited

Love is unlimited. The more we focus on love, the more we will have in our lives. And the more joy and happiness we will experience! How can you bring more love and joy into the world?love


Sometimes we have people come into our lives that end up hurting us. When you can show compassion and kindness, it will help and show them the path to a higher understanding. Most often the people who are hurting the most are the ones who lash out the hardest. Be kind. Show compassion. Forgive.


Your Cocoon of Transformation

Our lives have definite times of transformation, times to go within and bury ourselves inside of the cocoon. But when we come out, be ready to fly!


Your Biggest Cheerleader

We all have those inner voices. Most often, if you really think about it, the voices are almost the same to some you heard as a child. It is so important to be aware of how you talk to yourself. If you don’t like what you hear, it is up to you to change that. The good news is that you can! You can reprogram your voices to be kind, loving and joyful. It just takes being present and committed to being your own best support.


Love Generously

Love is the ultimate energy that makes the world go round! Share it generously, believe in it, and most importantly, learn to love yourself first!


Ride the Waves

We live in this wild duality within our world. Without the “bad” we wouldn’t appreciate the “good” as much. Our lives go in cycles, up and down all the time. It’s a matter of knowing and learning to ride those waves that makes a person joyful—regardless of what is happening. No matter what your circumstances are, you can always find something to be grateful about!