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Melissa Evans“Karin Volo’s Bringing Joy books are about a little girl, named Joy and she brings love, forgiveness, and faith into the world. I don't care if you are a child or an adult, the messages are powerful!! Thank you Karin for such a precious book with such lovely illustrations and I will be telling everyone I know about it. It is THAT GOOD!!! Everyone should have at least one.”
Melissa Evans, Best Selling Author of Sole to Soul, CEO of the Broshe Group

THANK YOU for the precious gift of your Joy book! It arrived a few minutes ago and I sat down and savored the whole thing. Incredible. Beautiful! Inspirational!…and your series will be "keepers" to read time and again.
What a Light you are on the planet!!!
Kit Furey, JD, CHt, CEHP – Thought and Energy Transformation Expert, www.WholeMindMastery.com

“With my business, I see a lot of great books but the Bringing Joy series is so unique and fresh, teaching Universal truths and lessons for all ages. These stories are captivating and engaging, not only for me but especially for my six year old daughter. We love reading them together! Karin Volo is such an inspiration bringing this amazing gift to the world. Joy is sure to make a huge impact on the way we teach our children. I highly recommend these transformational books for anyone who wants to connect on a deeper spiritual level and who wants to share their growth with their children and loved ones.”
~Christine Kloser, TransformationalAuthor.com

“When I was introduced to little Joy on my computer screen during my tele-seminar with Karin Volo I was so taken by her little smiling face but especially her beautiful large, innocent eyes. I had seen her appear on different pages of our teaching material and one evening I was dealing with some inner issues and looked into the eyes of little Joy and was so moved to see the love, wisdom and innocence shine through her big eyes that it made me weep.
Even as a woman of 66 years I found myself getting in touch with my own inner child and experienced the comfort of this new little friend Joy. I believe Karin has captured in her paintings the essence of this loving little spiritual teacher named Joy so well that she will inspire and endear many.
Joy has come to bring a message of hope, joy, wisdom and love to our world, not only to children but to the child in all of us young and old alike.”
~Veronica Perko, Australia