10 Empowering Things to Say to Your Child!

By Sigrid Kjeldsen

Are you conscious of how you speak to your child and the content of that communication? Most of us are not. We rush about our day, getting sucked into the doings of life. Sound familiar? There is nothing wrong with a busy life full of fun and rewarding activities! But what tends to happen is that from this place we simply react to the things, people and circumstances around us.

I am passionate about bringing greater awareness and self reflection into mother’s lives. As we get more conscious of our thoughts and feelings, our actions reflect this and we are able to steer and control our inner world to make our outer world feel great!

What if you could have 10 powerful statements that could help bring presence, love and empathy into your relationship with your child? I see these statements and questions below as a simple vitamin injection in the life of you and your child!

1. I believe in you
This is one of the most powerful things you can say to a child. It tells them you SEE them.

2. What do you think you should do?
This was one of the things my father used to say to me often. It empowered me to find solutions for myself.

3. I trust you
This is a powerful one for instilling a sense of responsibility and independence in your child

4. If you believe you can do something, you can!
If you teach a child to use his mind to create his reality at an early age, your child will grown in confidence and begin to develop a true sense of empowerment.

5. What do you think?
This one throws the decision making into the family arena – deciding as a group on something gives everyone ownership to the final decision. It also makes them feel important.

6. What do you need right now?
I use this one a lot to cut through emotional turmoil and get to the root of a problem. Sometimes they don’t know what they need, but the more you ask this question the more they will!

7. Just feel it, its ok…
A lot of the time, as parents, we want to support our kids by making the bad feelings go away. I try to help my children really feel an emotion. As children learn to do this they become more familiar with their emotional ranges and it allows them to see that emotions come and go – that they are in charge of how they feel.

8. What can you do to help?
This is a question that simply inspires kids to think about helping others in need. Kids sometimes may need help thinking past their own needs and desires, this one gets them thinking outside of that box.

9. What are 3 words that best describes you?
This questions helps your child begin to cultivate self insight and also lets them know you are curious about who they are!

10. I love you…
Ok, you knew this one was coming! Most of us do this, but how often do you say these three simple words and really mean it? Also, sometimes saying it less often can make these words really feel meaningful when they are said!

For each of these statements or questions, the key to them being empowering is how much HEART and PRESENCE you put into them – how you show up WITHOUT words.

Sigrid Kjeldsen is an internationally certified Co-Active Coach and the Happiness Breakthrough Expert at The Joyful Mother – TJM (www.thejoyfulmother.com). TJM is a life coaching company specializing in helping those moms who are yearning to enjoy motherhood, but are stuck. Through Sigrid’s blog with over 500 visitors on average a day and through her popular Facebook page with over 17,000 followers, she is passionate about teaching moms, what she calls, The Way of The Masterful Mother. Her approach uses cutting edge Law of Attraction principles and ties in new ideas and keys to success which focus on the success of a mother resting upon her cultivation of a strong and confident inner world.

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