Meet Joy

The Story Behind Joy

While I was going through the toughest time in my life, being forcibly separated from my young daughters and husband, I began a deep spiritual journey that helped me to survive.  I immersed myself in all kinds of spiritual reading so that I could mentally escape my jail cell.   My family and I were apart for almost four years before the charges were dropped and the cases closed.  The irony is that although I was behind bars, I was able to free my heart and mind.

One of my daily activities was meditating three to four times a day.  It was during these meditations that the Joy stories came to me.  When I had absorbed so much information about a specific spiritual topic, these stories were “downloaded” to me and then the pictures I should draw came in later meditations.  I began writing and drawing these stories for my young daughters.  It gave me great pleasure and I spent hours on each little story.  The girls loved them and got very excited every time they got a new Joy story.  Sergio would sit down in the evenings with the girls and read them the latest Joy book I had sent.

This added another means of communication with my daughters, another way of staying connected to them, even though I was 5,500 miles away.  In total, we were separated from each other for 1400 days, or approximately 3 years, 10 months.  That is a VERY long time in the life of two girls who were 6 and 8 when this ordeal began.

The incredible part was that as they read the Joy stories, they began to understand all these spiritual topics and it helped them to get through their tough time too.  Joy is very special to our family.  She helped us to manage through such a difficult time and we all grew and learned from the stories and could apply what she taught in each story to our lives.

It is now my biggest dream and pleasure to share these Joy books with the world.  Joy is here to help us learn that love is the strongest power in the world and how we can change our lives when we understand how the Universe really works.

Joy is not just a book, it is a journey.  My family and I hope you enjoy this journey and may it bring lots of Joy to your life!

Much love,

Karin Volo