It Starts With You

Exactly what the world needs is for everyone to be kinder. Start with yourself first—be kind to yourself. It’ll make it easier to be kind to others as well.


Happiness Is Simple

Keep it simple. Allow JOY!


Start Today

1My grandmother’s favorite saying was “Today is the first day of the rest of your life”. I didn’t really get that as a kid…but they you have your whole life ahead of you anyway. The key is to take steps and actions every day towards your dreams and goals. So what are you going to start today?

50 Things You Don’t Need Money to Enjoy

In a world that seems so driven by money, take a look at this list. The most important things in our lives cannot be purchased. They don’t even relate to money.  Remember this!


What do happy people do differently?

There are some definite traits that happy people do differently from the rest. They are not difficult…but they require your awareness and deliberate choice to live your life this way. Try it out and just see what happens!


Help Others…

Pup with basket

When we have all of our basic needs met, and we are raising our levels of awareness, we eventually will come to the understanding that we are all here to serve others on some level. Living a life of serving others is bringing joy into the world.

Love is Your Catalyst

We love because it’s the only true adventure. — Nikki Giovanni

Kiddo with duck

Our world is changing from the love of power to the power of love. Love is the greatest force in the universe. Love is what connects all of us—humans, animals, nature, etc. If you need a good strategy for living a joyful life, use love as your catalyst.

Turn Up the Radio

Studies find that listening to music you enjoy each day will reduce stress and depression. This is partly because music sound waves go directly into our bodies on a cellular level through the frequencies. So go ahead and turn up that radio, sing in that shower, and dance to your heart’s content!

The Best Things in Life are Free

Finding more joy in your life is not about THINGS, it’s about experiences and it’s about relationships. When you can bring joy into someone’s life, it will automatically bring more joy to you too! Sometimes we get too wrapped up in material objects when in truth, the best things in life are free. What are your favorites?

Keep It Simple

What you focus in on is what will come into your life. The more you think about what is going right in your life, the more will continue to go well. We don’t need to make that more complicated. Keep it simple and you will easily find more joy in your life.