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Create a Space of Peace

In these days of high tech and turbulence in the world, it is important to create a space of peace and tranquility where we can feel calm and get connected to our inner being. This image is one I would like to experience in my reality. Even just by looking at images, you can mentally take yourself there. Do you have a special space for yourself?


Let your heart lead your brain!

Let your heart lead your brain!

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Create Life

We are taught to think we are human beings when in truth we are spiritual beings having a human experience. We are here to learn and experience life. We are here to overcome challenges and create our dreams and hopes. So the key is to figure out who you want to be and how you want to experience your life. All this power lies within each and every one of us. Our job is to remember this and then figure out how to return to our divine selfs.


Live in The Now

We only ever have this moment, the NOW, to live. Our egos tend to take us into the past with memories and regrets, or into the future with worrying and fear of something happening. But our creative forces are only activated in the current moment. This is why worrying is such a waste of time and can turn into a self fulfilling prophecy, although most of our worries never do come true. The power is to use our imagination, intuition, and intentions to create our future. But we must do that from the current moment of the now. Life becomes a very fun game when you can consciously create how you want to experience your life. Try it…you’ll love it!


Always Look for Love

When I sat wrongly accused and separated from my young daughters for almost four years, I had many lessons that I learned. I also wrote the Bringing Joy series  (http://www.bringingjoytotheworld.com/joy-books/)  which helped me to learn about our true feelings and how to manage them. I learned that we essentially have just two emotions…fear and love. And everyday was a choice for me between the love of my family and the fear of the worst that could happen. I made a very conscious choice to choose love. Even now, removed from such a challenging time, I have become conditioned to always look for love. It is a way that you can become very empowered. How can you choose love daily?


Matter and Geometry

The energy spiral is something that I talk about and use in my teachings, especially with the Joyometer (www.joyometer.com) I didn’t realize how this pattern of pi is EVERYWHERE in our world and our universe. From our DNA to plants, to finger prints, to animals, to our galaxies, the spiral is a fundamental part of our existence. There is probably so much more we need to learn to truly understand who we are and how things work. I think we’re just barely scratched the surface. What do you think?


New Beginnings

The seasons of nature give us clues as to how to live our lives. Spring is about emerging from the cold, dark winters. It is about new beginnings and coming out into the world with renewed energy. Bring the joy and beauty into the world through what you choose to create with your life.