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A Joyful Gift from Our Pets

Our pets are a great source of joy in our lives. Here I want to introduce you to our little Maltese pup, Sasha. She’s a huge source of joy in our family and makes us all laugh every day. (She’s a little sleepy here because I just woke her up.)

I’d love to hear about your pets and how they bring joy into your life! Introduce us to your favorite pet and share the joy with us too. Please comment below!

Read the Bringing Joy series

The Bringing Joy series is a great way to connect on a deep level with your kids and loved ones. They teach deep lessons and values, spiritual laws and tools that will empower and make a huge difference in your world. Bringing Joy into other’s lives will help you live a joyous life!

I would love to hear what your experience was with the Bringing Joy Series books. You can share your comments just below.

The Easiest Way to Practice Gratitude

Wake up by thinking about all the things you are grateful for and then each night, do the same. This will frame your day because the first and last things you’re doing every day is giving thanks and appreciating what you have in your life.

What other ways do you practice gratitude?