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Help Others…

Pup with basket

When we have all of our basic needs met, and we are raising our levels of awareness, we eventually will come to the understanding that we are all here to serve others on some level. Living a life of serving others is bringing joy into the world.

The 28 Day JOY Journey

We’ve declared this month is going to be the month of joy! Every day we’re going to be sharing a simple action step on the The Bringing Joy Facebook page.

Watch this short video and get ready for more joy!

To sign up for the 28 Day JOY Journey go here.

I’m giving YOU a gift! Please read on to see why I’m giving YOU a present for my birthday!

We’re giving away 10 free memberships to the Bringing Joy Book Club! We want you to experience the love and joy with us every month for the next year!

Want to know how to get your free membership?

We’re making it really easy and fun!

Just go to below this blog post and leave me a comment as to why you want to win a membership. Share what ever moves you, what is the BIG reason you want to be in the club.

You’re Unstoppable

Today I’ve put together a special movie for you. I want you to know how powerful you are and you have everything you need to be happy and live the life of your dreams inside you.

What makes you unstoppable? Share your thoughts below, I read every comment and can’t wait to hear from you!