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Nothing Personal…

This was one of the biggest lessons I learned while living in one of the most challenging situations in my life. When I was sitting behind bars in an environment that was filled with drama and potential arguments and fights, I learned to not care what others thought of me or what they said. It removed me from so much of the drama that was around and I was able to find a level of peace to be able to manage that dark time of my life. It’s not an easy lesson to learn but one that can definitely transform your life!

nothing personal


With all challenges we face, we have lessons. If we do not learn the lesson the first time around, generally we will experience another similar challenge into our lives. This is why people tend to have patterns in their problems. Once the lesson is learned, then those types of situations are no longer needed and we move on in our spiritual growth. Always look for the lessons in any challenge and ask yourself, “how can this serve me? What do I need to learn?”  Using this is going to help you overcome and thrive with anything that life throws at you.