The Joy of Laughter: 35 Million people can’t be wrong!

We’ve all heard that saying, laughter is the best medicine. What is it about laughter that is so healthy? There are numerous studies that show there are concrete physical and mental benefits that happen when you laugh. The bottom line is that it just plain makes us feel good. Who really cares as to how it works exactly—we just know it does.

So why don’t we do it more often? Why do we take life so seriously? I believe that some people are naturally wired to be more positive. But what I’ve also discovered is that 40-50% of how happy we are is determined by choice. So even if you “wiring” isn’t so positive, you can make that conscious choice to be happier anyway. Knowing this is very empowering.

I often talk about a concept that I call “feed your brain”—what you take into your brain will determine a lot about how you feel. So if you are watching the news, drama shows, or many of the reality shows, reading crime books, etc, you simply are taking your dose of negativity. Change what you take in and chances are you’ll feel better.

This is why I want to share the video of a baby laughing. It is so contagious! And 35 million people and counting have viewed this video. Even if you’ve already seen it, you can’t help but laugh again. Go ahead and try not to laugh. It’s not easy. Nor should it be. Laughing is one of the fastest ways to feel better quickly. It relaxes your body, boosts your immune system, strengths relationships, and reduces stress, just to name some of the benefits.

I’ve even read that laughing will help reduce mosquito bites! Apparently there were two men out in the middle of the Amazon, one who laughed a lot and the other a very serious gentleman. The serious man was being eaten alive by mosquitoes until he started to laugh and then they stopped. Not sure if this has been scientifically proven yet or not, but it’s just another great reason to lighten up! Remember, life is about the journey, not the destination. If 90-95% of our time is spent on the journey, shouldn’t we be doing everything to enjoy it now? What can you do to lighten up and find more joy in each day? If nothing else, watch this video. It’ll definitely bring a smile to your face. Enjoy!

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