The Power of Joy

Joy is love and happiness put together. But what can joy do for you? It can truly transform your life! We are facing times now that doing things we simply do not like is not going to be sustainable. I think that is a big reason as to why so many people are facing big career challenges with being laid off and the unemployment rates going so high.

It’s time to take responsibility for our lives and to figure out our true purpose and what we absolutely love to do. There is an incredible surge of entreprenuers now because so many people are taking their lives into their own hands. They are figuring out the gifts they have to offer the world and getting out there. The internet gives us all the same advantages of figuring out how to reach your ideal people globally.

It has amazed me to have clients working with me from 3 different continents, several different countries, and how they found me—the internet! We are living in a time where information is king and it’s those people who know what they are passionate about, and can communicate it to the market, that are doing well regardless of the economic climate. When I worked in executive search, I’d coach people all the time on their next career move. One option that a lot of people didn’t think about was becoming an entreprenuer. I understand because I have also been in a position where my best choice was what I call “forced entreprenuership”. I moved to a country where I didn’t speak the language fluently but needed to work. I ended up starting up my own business and although it was scary, it absolutely felt like the right step for me.

I’m not saying that becoming an entreprenuer is right for everyone. But I do believe we all should be seeking the things that make us happy. What are the things that bring you joy in your life? And how can you fill your life with those things?

It is proven that when you feel good, your physical health improves, your energy levels increase, and your immune system is stronger. Part of this shifting world is that we need to start within ourselves first, and then continue outward towards our families, our friends, and our communities. It’s time to build the life of your dreams and also the world of our dreams. A big ingredient for this is having more joy in our lives. Again, joy is equal to love and happiness put together—it’s a higher state of being. Joy gives us the power to reclaim our lives and create all that we desire!

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